Oscar Wright Meets Henry Reed

Oscar Wright tells the following story about the first time he met Henry Reed:

Oscar and some friends were playing at a dance.  During one of their breaks a fellow comes walking in carrying a potato sack over his back.  This fellow then takes a fiddle out of the sack (Oscar and friends start chuckling among themselves at this sight).  Oscar then asks the fellow if he can play that fiddle that he took out of his sack.  The fellow replies "I reckon I can."  He then starts to play the fiddle, and it is not too long before Oscar realizes that this fellow can flat out play a fiddle.  As the fellow continues to play, Oscar decides that he is obviously done playing fiddle done for the night and puts his fiddle back into its case.   Oscar spends the remainder of the night listening to the amazing playing being done by this fellow who carried his fiddle in a sack.

That sack-carrying fellow was Henry Reed. 

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Last updated 02/03/01