Origin of Henry Reed Painting

Larger version of painting (93K, jpg)

On one of the visits to Glen Lyn in 1967 by Alan and Karen Jabbour, Karen took a photo of Henry Reed sitting in a chair playing his fiddle (Karen's photo). This is probably the most well-known photo of Henry Reed, and appears in several articles and collections (such as the Miles Krassen Appalachian Fiddle books).

In 1993, as a birthday gift for his father Gene, Henry's grandson Steve commissioned Theresa Holland to create a 16"x24" color painting from the copy of Karen's photo in one of the Appalachian Fiddle books.  Steve also had a set of 8"x10" paintings made that he gave to each of Henry's children. Each of these paintings now reside in a prominent place in Henry's children's homes.

Many thanks to Steve for doing this!!

The copy of the painting which appears above was scanned from the painting which resides in the home of my parents (Dean & Billie Sue Reed) in Rich Creek , VA.

As of November 1999, I now have one of the 8x10 paintings. This copy was originally given to Henry's son Watha by Steve. After Watha and his wife died, Watha's stepson Richard Fleeman gave the copy back to my father.

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